Network privacy feature in Firefox for users in the US

Network privacy feature in Firefox for users in the US

Many internet browsers including Mozilla and Chrome use DoH technology to maintain the encryption of browser history. Mozilla Firefox will switch on default DoH for US users. This information is publically declared.  This new standard enclosed with DoH enhances internet security. 

What is the term DoH?

It is DNS-over-HTTP that is a trending protocol that is rolled out in the browser. This process modifies the paradigm of DNS working.

Firstly, DNS queries from servers take place in plain text with DNS settings of the local OS associated with it. Now the DoH technology encrypts DNS-related queries which are camouflage as usual HTTPS traffic. The whole procedure is in an encrypted manner. These queries are sent towards DoH-based DNS servers which are also known as DoH resolvers. They resolve all DNS-based queries inside a request and give the response in more encrypted-form.

Because of the security-concerns, DoH-capable programs, products are growing day-by-day. This helps to prevent the ISP from tracking the personal web-history of the user. This DoH technology received a push in the Cybersecurity and networking domain. This plays a major role to boost privacy. DoH restricts the ISP from monitoring a Cybernet’s DNS request.  

How does DoH work in Mozilla Firefox?

Users type URLs into their address bar.  Browser transforms that address into an IP address with the help of a DNS lookup.  The complete traffic is not secure because it permits others to monitor your web-history. Mozilla Firefox will use DoH to encrypt the user’s privacy.

We know that telecom industries invest a huge amount in building the ad-tracking network. DoH will not protect your complete data history but it makes tracking process more complex. Due to which US carriers like AT&T and Verizon face the challenge to track data. DoH enabled will make hard to view other’s information. Thus, Mozilla has announced to use Cloudfare as a default DNS provider.

DoH feature for US Mozilla Firefox Users

Mozilla Firefox declares that DoH boosts the security of online users.  However, many security advisers affirm that it doesn’t provide accurate protection because according to them, DoH protects some portion of DNS lookup. For instance, ISP can still view the IP addresses. Thus, Mozilla state that the DoH feature is inbuilt by default for US-based users. The users from outside the US can manually turn on this feature.


DoH feature was in the testing process. Now Mozilla claims to enable this effective Network privacy feature for the US user so that it becomes difficult for others to track their information online. This helps to protect against tampering.