Instagram Details Leaked for Thousands of its Users

Instagram Details Leaked for Thousands of its Users

Social media is one of the common needs of today’s people, you want to send any message or want to know what is happening today just open your social media account and know everything. Today everything is possible through the internet. If you have the internet you could do all the necessary things. But security is the main concern of Social media accounts. Almost every day the number of social media accounts is hacking and the data which is leaking. Social media accounts are on top if we talk about data leakage or hacking of accounts. Now let’s talk about Instagram Details Leaked for Thousands of its Users in the below article.

Today there are many software professionals who learn Hacking and they also hack some famous websites, social media account to get the attention of the public. Social media boosting service Social Captain which is use to increase the follower’s counts.

Instagram Users Details Leaked

Earlier also Instagram saw itself in trouble when the data of millions of celebrities and high profile persons were leaked.  Some tech experts said that Social Captain helps users to grow their followers by asking them to enter the Instagram details to its platform which is saved in encrypted format in plain text. It is more hackable as it is simple text and even not secured.  

Even Facebook, Twitter, and more social media sites are not safe. In the past Facebook and twitter also hacked but when they realized they recovered the security of the accounts. These social media accounts are generally hackable due to sharing strong password sharing the account details and through some third party website

If you are still taking third party service to increase your followers stop it and change your password immediately. There are many third-party websites like Social Captain which helps the user to make fake followers.

One of the security people informs that 70 accounts consist of premium accounts from 10000 scraped accounts. Some of the best practices of keeping your account safe are below:

  • Keeps changing your password
  • Never share user details with anyone
  • Don’t use third-party untrusted accounts or website

Everything is hackable in today’s world; there are so many examples of the same.


The conclusion is that you need to be aware of the security concerns of your social media accounts. Today social media accounts are easily accessible to everyone. It’s our responsibility to keep changing our password and about the security of our social media accounts.