Method For Resolving Sage Error 1327

Sage Error 1327

Issues related to the internal files of the computer such as the system registry or the hard drive can be difficult to resolve in the absence of correct guidance. The users also cannot take the risk of trying to resolve such types of errors as following the wrong procedure or modifying/ deleting the files may lead to some programs becoming unstable. Error 1327 is one such error that is related to the system registry and hard drive which users have been finding to resolve until now.

In this article , we provide you verified solutions that can help you fix error 1327. You will also get to know the reasons due to which this error is caused and how you can identify this error on your system.

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What is Sage error 1327?

Error 1327 is an installation error on Sage 50 that occurs when you are trying to install the software on your computer. Users have to select a particular drive where they want to install the Sage 50 application. You may encounter this error if the drive from where the Windows installer needs to take the file for installation is not found. It could be also because your system’s registry is directing the installer to the drive  which is either invalid, missing or corrupt. The following message will be displayed on your screen when you face this error –

‘Error 1327. Invalid Drive: [drive letter]’

What are the causes of Sage 50 Error 1327?

 Error 1327 can be caused due to the following reasons-

  1. Incomplete download of Sage 50 accounting software or corrupt download file
  2. There is a program running in the background while you are trying to install Sage 50.
  3. The drive you have selected to download Sage 50 is missing. This could be when a removable storage has been inserted and it has been assigned the drive letter you have selected.
  4. This error could be also caused if changes have been made to the system registry.
  5. You can also get error 1327 if your system has been infected by virus or malware.

What are the Ways to fix Error 1327 on Sage 50?

Take the help of these troubleshooting solutions we have provided below to resolve error 1327-

Solution 1: By Creating a New Drive

  1. Click on the Start button and select the Control Panel.
  2. Now, click on the Administrative Tools option.
  3. Then, click on Computer Management.
  4. Go to the navigation panel and click on the Storage option.
  5. After that , select the Disk Management option.
  6. Choose a drive and right -click on it. Decrease the allocated space using the Down arrow key of your keyboard.
  7. Use that unallocated space for creating a new drive on your computer and assign it with the name which is mentioned in the message accompanying error 1327.

Solution 2- By using a USB or external hard disk

  1. Click on the Start button and then select the Control Panel.
  2. Now, click on Disk Management.
  3. Then , choose the External hard disk/ USB device option.
  4. Follow it by clicking on the Change drive letter and Paths option.
  5. Click on Change and Assign a letter to it same as the missing drive mentioned in the error message.
  6. Click on the OK button.

Solution 3-

  1. Right – click on your desktop and click on New Folder.
  2. Assign the name Test to the New Folder.
  3. Now, right click on this folder and select Properties.
  4. After this , click on the Sharing tab and select Advance Sharing.
  5. Click on the Full Control checkbox and then click on the OK button.
  6. Close the Properties window. 
  7. After that , right click the folder named Test and select Map Network Drive,
  8. Click Finish and try installing Sage 50 on your system.

Solution 4 – Repair Registry and install Windows updates.

  1. Begin by pressing the Windows + R keys to open the Run window.
  2. Here , type regedit in the text field and press Enter.
  3. Now, browse to location My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version.
  4. Then , click on Run. This will provide the  executable files that launch at startup.
  5. Delete the applications that are not necessary.
  6. Install the latest Windows updates
  7. Uninstall and reinstall Sage 50 application.


Now that you have gone through the above article, it is time to apply the appropriate solution so that the installation process of Sage 50 does not  get interrupted again by this error. If you are still facing this error then we suggest you speak to the customer Helpdesk team at Sage. We understand that since the solution requires making changes to the registry, you might be unsure of going ahead with the troubleshooting process. In that case you can also contact our experts at for any assistance related to errors in Sage and Sage products. We will be taking up some of the most asked queries of our users in the next section as well.


How can I uninstall and reinstall Sage 50 on my system?

☑ Click on Start and then select Control Panel
☑ Then, click on Features and Programs.
☑ Locate the Sage 50 program and then click on the Uninstall program.
☑ Now, download Sage 50 or use the Sage 50 installation CD to install the program.

 Is there any alternative way to open the Disk Management tool on your system?

Yes, you can open the Disc management tool by pressing the Windows + R keys , type diskmgmt.msc and then click on the OK button.

Can error 1327 be fixed by updating the registry? If yes, what are the steps you should follow for it?

Yes, you can also fix Sage error 1327 by updating the registry. For this you have to first backup your registry and then follow these steps-
☑ Click on the Start button and then click on Run( you can also press Windows + R keys)
☑ Now, type Regedit and click the OK button.
☑ Then , browse to the location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows| CurrentVersion\ Explorer\User Shell.
☑ Choose the entries which include the wrong drive.
☑ Now, change the drive location to  C:/