Peachtree To SAGE 50 Data Migration

Peachtree To SAGE 50 Data Migration

Peachtree aids in the expansion of your company’s economics. If you have any problems transferring files between Peachtree to Sage 50 when working with Peachtree. You will find all of the information you have to export documents from Peachtree to Sage 50 data migration. In this article, you will learn how to migrate peachtree to sage 50 data migration.

What is Peachtree Software?

Sage Software’s Peachtree is just an accounting tool for small and micro businesses (SMBs). Peachtree helps accountants and administrators to automate and handle a wide range of accounting operations, including:

  • Preparing financial statements and checking invoices.
  • Trying to reconcile current liabilities and receivables.
  • Keeping track of banking transactions and wages.
  • Using spreadsheets to import and manipulate data.
  • Incorporating scanned documents such as checks, receipts, and invoices, therefore removing paperwork from the books of accounts.

Sage Software’s Peachtree Premium Accounting for Production is designed primarily for the needs of construction subcontractors, contractors, and operations managers. To manage costs, track expenses, and handle invoicing, both small construction businesses and individual contractors employ construction industry-specific services such as job costing, fixed asset tracking, progress billing, and advanced budgeting. Peachtree also produces industry-specific software for accountants, wholesalers, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations.

How Does Peachtree Data Get Exported?

It is not difficult to export data from Peachtree. All that is necessary is to follow a few simple steps, but it is as simple as pie.

The Steps are as follows:

Step 1: How to Export Journal.

  • In Peachtree, open the client’s data that has to be exported.
  • Now Select File.
  • Next, Export from the Main menu.
  • Select the appropriate journal from the right-hand list.
  • Then click the Export option just on the toolbar.
  • Click OK to begin exporting the journal.

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Step 2: Such Relocation is Being Made only for the Purpose of.

After exporting data from Peachtree, it is necessary to import this into Sage 50 Accountancy. To begin, importing data is not difficult and requires the use of Caps, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, or Separated files.

  • To enter data into Sage Accounts from another working program.
  • Adding or changing information about certain records without modifying them

Step 3: Before Importing, Prepare the Data.

One of the prerequisites and a required step prior to import into Sage Accounts is to pre-process the data inside an excel or CSV format file.

  • Utilize the Files Import Templates- Certain excel files have been formatted, and as a result, they are easily identified when imported.
  • To get your hands on these files, do the following:
    • Click the bar menu then select Help.
    • Then tap on About.
    • Click the link under Internal Change for Program Folder.
    • Begin importing the templates folder.
  • Make a file from the beginning.
  • Export the data- If the need to update specific fields inside the records in several of the modules, existing data is exported and the specific field can be modified before the data is re-imported.

How Does Peachtree Data Get Imported?

When the data is ready to be uploaded and imported in Sage Accounts, specific recommendations and actions must be followed to guarantee a seamless operation. Among these stages are:

  • On the menu bar, select File.
  • Then Import.
  • In the Data type window, choose Next after choosing the data type.
  • In the Data source box, select the type for the data that’s also intended to be imported.
  • Select the first row that has headings check box if headings appear on the first row of data.
  • Begin to import a file by selecting the Browse button and navigating to what you need.
  • Now, we should select it.
  • Fill out the Imported Category section.
  • Choose the applicable field from the drop-down list to link the information imported to the correct fields in Sage Accounts.
  • To map a new field, click Next.
  • Now, review the summary information.
  • Next, then click Import Or Finish.
  • Once the import has gone smoothly, click Close.


Hopefully, you’ll find the previous article on data conversion from Peachtree to Sage 50 informative! Please contact the helpdesk if you have any queries or have any difficulties when following the instructions. The experts are available to help you resolve problems. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.


How Much Does Peachtree Cost?

Peachtree Complete costs $299 for a single user. QuickBooks Premier, a comparable QuickBooks product, costs $399. PeachTree Complete allows you to add up to 5 people, but doing so raises the price to $699.

What is the Peachtree Multi-user Value Pack?

Is Sage the same as Peachtree?