Sage 50 Error 0x80040707 When Installing



Isn’t it frustrating if you are unable to install the software that you recently purchased or the application you have been using all this while doesn’t install updates?

Yes, it is possible that you may face this issue and you get stuck as it requires a sound knowledge of assistance aspects of the computer. But it is common with every application and is resolved easily by following the right guidance. If you too are facing error 0x80040707 on your system then this blog will tell you the reason along with the method to resolve the issue. So, go through the information below to get on Sage 50 at the earliest.

What is Sage 50 Error 0x80040707?

Sage 50 error 0x80040707 indicates a problem with the Windows registry. It commonly occurs as a message displayed on the screen which looks like ‘’ Error number 0x80040707 DLL function call crashed ISRT. Path Get Special Folder Setup will now terminate.”, ‘’ DLL function call crashed: ConfigLib.RegisterFiles” or ‘’DLL function call crashed: ConfigLib.ApplyPervasiveSettings

The problems in the Windows Registry can be caused due to erroneous deletion of a vital framework file or library, malware or virus attack, unexpected power shutdown, or creation of invalid passages due to uninstallation of an important program.

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What are the Causes for the Sage 50 0x80040707 While Installing?

The various reasons for the Sage 50 0x80040707 error during installation is as follows-

  • Your system’s operating system is unable to start or stop pervasive during installation.
  • An anti-virus, firewall or UAC is blocking modifications in the registry.
  • The registry key or the user’s windows profile is damaged or is missing.
  • The installation of the Pervasive database has not been done properly.
  • The user’s Windows profile is corrupted.

What are the Ways for Troubleshooting Sage 50 Errors 0x80040707?

There are multiple methods for fixing Sage 50 error 0x80040707that occur during installation. You can pick a method and implement it using the step-by-step instruction that accompanies it. These methods are-

Troubleshooting Method 1- By Fixing the Compatibility Issue

  • Open the Sage folder from Windows file explorer.
  • Locate the setup.exe file. Right-click the file and choose Run as administrator option.
  • Uncheck the checkbox next to Protect my system and data from the unauthorized activity.”
  • Lastly, click the OK button and try to re-launch the installation.

Troubleshooting Method 2- If you are not Able to Start or Stop the Installation of Pervasive

  • Press the Windows key +R simultaneously. This is open the Run window.
  • Write Taskmgr and press Enter.
  • Choose either the Processes or the Details tab.
  • Now, you have to search for the w3dbsmgr.exe program.
  • Click on End task/ end process option.
  • After that, end the process by giving the confirmation.
  • Now you can re-start the installation of Sage 50.

Troubleshooting Method 3- By Running the Setup in Compatibility Mode

  • Open the Sage folder from the windows file explorer and run the installation file setup.exe.
  • Go to the Properties menu and click on the Compatibility tab.
  • After that, click on the checkbox next to “Run this program in the compatibility mode.”
  • Press the Apply button followed by the OK button.
  • Reinstall the Sage 50 application.

Troubleshooting Method 4- By Repairing the Damaged Windows Profile

  • Start by logging in to your system from a different windows administrator profile or make a new profile.
  • Check by restarting the Sage 50 installation process.

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Troubleshooting Method 5- By Fixing the Damaged Registry key:

You can do this using the Microsoft Easy fix tool. It will remove the pervasive PSQL workgroup engine and then you can launch the installer once again.

Troubleshooting Method 6- By Checking the Antivirus and Windows Firewall Settings

  • Start by clicking OK when you get the error message.
  • After that, disable the anti-virus or firewall installed on your system
  • Ask your network administrator for installing updates.
  • Now, manually uninstall the Pervasive.
  • Locate the installation file of the Pervasive and right-click on it.
  • Choose Run as Administrator and start the Sage 50 installation process.


We at Itztechy hope that the step-by-step instructions given above have solved the problem successfully. Yet, if you are still facing the above error on your system or having any apprehensions regarding any aspect of Sage 50, we will be happy to serve you through our use the chat window to get live assistance.


Is the Error Present in the Latest Version of Sage 50?

No, if you have purchased or updated to Sage 50 US 2021.1, you will not face error 0x80040707 on your software

The anti-virus software does so to secure your system as many malwares or viruses are also capable of making such a change.

You can restore your Windows to the point before when your registry had not been damaged.