Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup

Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup

When emailing a report directly to a recipient, Sage 100 Contractor allows you to adjust the email server settings. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Email Server (SMTP) doesn’t Helpdesk all Internet-based email services. But in everyday business accounting, customer and vendor invoices are very important.

Today, in this article we are going to provide you with a complete guide on Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup, what an SMTP Email server is, how to set one up, how to fix an SMTP server problem, and how to send invoices through email using an SMTP server in Sage 100 Contractor.

What is Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup?

Every company wants to send an invoice to a customer before the due date so that the consumer pays the whole amount that is due. In everyday business accounting, customer and vendor invoices are very important.

When customers initially install Sage 100 Contractor software, they must also set up email, which is required not just for customer invoicing but also for frequent correspondence with clients, employees, and other personnel, as well as delivering reports via email. Users may now use any email application they wish, including Outlook, Gmail, Google Workforce, Office 365, Yahoo, and others. To send emails to the customer, you must correctly configure the email settings. Setting up and configuring email in Sage 100 Contractor is a simple process.

Requirements Setting Up Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup

Sage 100 Contractor’s email feature requires an SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol) email server or Microsoft Outlook. An email Settings box is available to give an efficient manner of setting up email. It allows you to change the options to suit your own emailing preferences. To use the Email Settings Window, follow the instructions below:

  • To open the Email Settings Page, select the Email Setting option.
  • You must select the option labeled Email Setup.
  • The Email Distribution Window will open as a result.
  • On the Toolbar, select the Email option.
  • In the Dispatch Board Window, go to Settings.

What are the Most Common Causes of Email Mistakes in Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup?

The Following are the Causes Behind the Email Mistakes in Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup:

  • Email Writer that hasn’t been setup
  • Updates for Windows that are no longer Helpdesked
  • Writer of Corrupted Emails
  • Email application that is incompatible
  • On your computer, there is no email client.
  • The email client isn’t configured as the default in Windows.

SMTP Server and Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup

If you utilize the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email server to send an email from Sage 100 Contractor, user authentication is required at the SMTP Server. Depending on the terminology, various ISPs may refer to user authentication in different ways. The verification of a user’s identification in terms of user name and password is referred to as user authentication. However, when you try to send an email using Sage 100 Contractor over an ISP’s SMTP server, the authentication will be based on the ISP’s identity.

Email Distribution Window for Sage 100

You may combine the Email Distribution window by selecting the Email this report option on the toolbar, using the Reporting Printing window. You can use the window to write email messages, choose recipients from the distribution list, and send an email simply by pressing the Send Now button. The Email Distribution window in Sage 100 Contractor contains all of the choices for an email program. The choices in the fields window are as follows:

  • First, choose a topic.
  • Then Message to be typed
  • From the distribution lists, choose clients, employees, and vendors.
  • Send emails to other people you know.
  • Make a copy of the message for yourself.
  • A request for a read receipt
  • Set the email’s significance level to low, normal, or high.
  • Check the email address that is being accessed in the email settings (Sent from)
  • Make sure the email priority level is set correctly, and only use the read receipt feature if your email provider Helpdesks it.

100 Email Distribution Lists From Sage

In Sage 100 Contractor, Email Distribution Lists allow you to choose contacts from the vendor, client, or employee logs in the Email Distribution window’s folders. Select Contacts for Immediate Email Distribution appears below it. It allows email contacts to appear in folders. In 3-6 Receivable Clients, 5-2-1 Employees, or 4-4 Vendors, an email address should be included for each element of the contact, including customer, employee, and vendor.

How Do you Change The Email Server In Sage 100?

During Direct Email, Changing the Email Server Setup:

When you email a report file directly to a recipient, Sage 100 Contractor allows you to change the email server settings. However, the SMTP protocol is not Helpdesked by many internet-based email services.

In Sage 100 Contractor, How Do you Change The Email Server Setup?

To begin, use an email-related tool such as 4-1-2 Payable invoice list to open the window.

Then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, select the File option.
  • Now click the Email button.
  • On the toolbar, select the Email this report option.
  • Once done then the Email Distribution window will appear.
  • If you don’t add any email addresses to the distribution lists, you will get a notification.
  • Now to continue, simply press the Ok button.
  • Once done, at the bottom of the screen, select the Email Settings option.
  • Follow the steps below to access the Email Settings Window:
  • Then from the drop-down menu go to the option Send email using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now select the Email Address field from the drop-down menu.
  • One the email address window, fill in the email address.
  • Select the option labeled Use the company’s default SMTP connection to send an email.
  • Then fill up the Email address form with your email address.
  • Now type in the password in the password file now.
  • Select the option that says Use this alternative SMTP connection to send an email.
  • Then in the text box labeled Server Name, type the name of your email server.
  • Now on the Port box, type your email server port number.
  • Then in the Email Address field, provide your email address.
  • Once done, put your password in the password field now.
  • Finally, click the OK button.

How to Set up SMTP For Company Sage 100?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to setup SMTP For Company Sage 100:

  • First, select 7-1 Company Information from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select the Email and Fax Configuration option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now fill in the email server and port number.
  • If the mail server requires authentication or SSL, make sure the appropriate boxes are checked.
  • After that, select File and then Save.
  • It will open a window for printing reports.
  • Any report can be chosen.
  • Now go to the icon mentioned from the toolbar. This report can be emailed.
  • Then select the Email Settings option.
  • Once on the setting option click on one of the following options:
  • Use the company’s default SMTP connection to send emails
  • Send an email with Microsoft Outlook
  • Use a different SMTP connection to send emails.
  • Now you need to save by using the Save button.
  • Finally, when using Sage 100 Contractor, use the button you select in the Email Settings box (you have select in email settings at default) to send emails.

Last Words

Sage 100 Contractor 2021 (Version 23.2) helps the current Sage Construction customers who have submitted product development ideas through the Sage Ideas Website.

Now that you have a complete guide on Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup, hope that the above-mentioned steps will help you to easily set up your email. However, if you are still stuck or have any issues you can reach out to our Sage consumer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.


While Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup what are the points you need to remember?

While Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup what are the points you need consider the following:

  • If planned communications must be delivered at a specific time, the message will be emailed to the appropriate recipients according to the scheduled event.
  • In 3-6 Receivable Clients, 5-2-1 Employees, or 4-4 Vendors, be sure to include the email contact information. If this information is missing, a notice stating that there is no record with the matching email address will appear on the screen.

If you don’t have an email server set up and the mail server box is empty you need to enter the company details. The following are the steps you need to follow these steps :

  • Setup of Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Setup of Electronic Receipts
  • Information in general
  • Setup of ACH payments for vendors

Yes In Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup can you send an email using a different SMTP connection. Follow these steps:

  • To begin, fill in the details for the mail server.
  • Select if SSL or other forms of authentication are required.
  • Now enter the port number.
  • Complete the email address field.
  • Finally, make a password list.

The sender’s email address is entered in the Email from the text box, which is set up in the Email Settings window. To make any changes to your email address, go to Email Settings.